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Internet Marketing / Internet Strategy Services
  • Internet Strategy/Internet Marketing Planning
    Development of plans that set specific quantitative and qualitative goals for Internet efforts. Identifying best practices that will aid in setting standards or goals. 
  • Brand Identity Online - Transferring the Brand to the Online Arena, Developing Standards, and Assessing the Current Online Brand Image - 
    Brand identity efforts are usually the focus of advertising, packaging and traditional marketing communications, they are often grossly neglected online. I help assess existing efforts and assist in establishing standards that ensure online efforts are consistent with the brand identity.   
    Development of Marketing/Internet Marketing Tactics
    Identifying and brainstorming on hard hitting tactics that achieve results that can be measured in terms of increased Web traffic, lead generation, direct sales, building subscriber lists, etc.  
  • Integration of Online and Offline Efforts
    Creating synergies between offline and online efforts for the greatest impact.  
  • Leveraging of Offline Efforts to Drive More Visitors Online
    Using existing efforts to bring more visitors online. 
  • Creating and Building Online Communities
    Creating efforts that targeted audiences will see value in participating in.
  • Assessment/Assistance in Web Site Design and Development Standards
    Ensuring that Web sites and Internet efforts are built around customers and prospects, not an internal company perspective.
  • Development of Web Site Standards (i.e., Web site traffic measurement, copywriting, design, etc.)
    Helping companies create standards that ensure Web site and e-mail copy is in a consistent voice that drives readers to desired actions, that Web site and e-mail metrics and terminologies are consistent across organizations and that design/corporate identity standards are created and followed.  
  • Critical Analysis of Web Sites
    The critical analysis of Web sites from a user perspective covering areas such as brand identity consistency/effectiveness, usability (navigation and design), marketing    
  • Development of User Segmentation/Profiles for Web sites and e-mail messaging.
    Assisting in creating more relevant, targeted user experiences. 
  • Establishment of or Analysis and Assessment of Web Site Usage Data and User Feedback
    Establishment of systems or procedures for regularly analyzing Web site traffic. Making meaningful judgements based on traffic patterns, inquiries, lead generation, sales, page views, etc. Assistance in the creation of solutions such as Internet surveys  that solicit and organize data gained from user feedback in meaningful formats.
  • Development of B2B Permission E-mail Marketing Efforts
    Assistance in building permission e-mail marketing programs.
  • Development or Identification of Co-branding, Corporate Alliances and Recipricol Linking Relationships
    Assist in identifying and developing synergies that will benefit Web site goals.
  • Assist in the Identification and Development of Strategic Web Site Content/Promotions 
    Assist in identifying those efforts or tactics that will result in driving the right traffic to the site, increase leads, increase sales, etc.
  • Search Engine Promotion
    Assist in optimizing and promoting site to search engines, developing a search engine strategy, identifying areas that should be considered and creating corporate Web site search engine optimization standards. 
The B2B Internet Opportunity
The Internet has created enormous opportunity for business. According to the latest research from Andersen Consulting, 90% of US executives access the Internet at least once a week. It has clearly made the transition from novelty to serious business component.

Peter De Legge & Associates we take a marketing-centric approach to creating Web sites that puts the user first. We know that successful business Web sites start with an Internet marketing plan and strategy. We help your company develop a plan to achieve your goals and then develop a purposeful Web site that gets results. Our strategic  alliance with the award winning graphic design studio, Urbas Creative Group brings the ideal combination of marketing expertise and intelligent graphic design to your project.

Why Web Development/Internet Consulting  Firms are Not the Place to Look for Internet Strategy
While any Web site can get visitors, you need the right kind of visitors -- visitors who have the potential to make or influence a purchase of your type of products or services. And, for business-to-business Web sites, getting the right visitors and converting them into sales leads is critical. To be effective, your company's Internet efforts need to start with a strategy. Ask your firm for its Internet marketing credentials, they're critical. Make sure you know the background of the consultant that will work with you -- most Web development firms use salespeople without any marketing background to assist your company with its Internet marketing strategy.

Most Web development shops expertise is in graphic design or computer programming. Graphic design centric Web development firms expertise is, of course, in graphic design, not marketing or building graphical user interfaces for the Web. Their background tends to be in print (the most qualified Web designers tend to come from a software development background, the real essence of what a Web site truly is; but still, these firms lack marketing expertise). Generally, sites built by these types of shops stress appearance over content. While computer programming centric shops build sites with the latest technology, they tend to neglect the design and marketing aspects.

While both types of shops may build interesting Web sites, these sites usually lack purpose and vision. They may attract a visitor's attention once but do not motivate him to action or to return. Flashy design and bells and whistles don't get business Web users to return to a site. Substance and clear communication do. Research shows that Web users rate content as the most important aspect of a Web site, with ease of use ranking second. So why entrust your company's Internet efforts to a shop that lacks the skills to turn your site into a serious extension of your business? Call Peter De Legge & Associates today at (708) 425-2734 or

Internet Strategy and Marketing Consulting

Internet Marketing Consulting - Peter DeLegge & Associates

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