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Peter DeLegge
phone 1.630.724.9160

Peter DeLegge, Business-to-Business Marketer Resume in Word Format Download Resume (MS Word)

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Peter DeLegge - business-to-business marketing professional

Publisher of Marketing Today, marketing magazine, email newsletter and blog especially for marketing professionals             recommended by Harvard, Northwestern and others                

To contact Peter DeLegge for quotes call 630.724.9160 or send an email.
(No sales call, please.)

Search Engine Optimization Results
Download Resume in Word Format

Peter DeLegge has helped dozens of companies with search engine optimization and marketing. Here is just a sampling of natural search engine optimization results for and this website (

Visit Marketing Today ( for articles on marketing strategies, tactics and trends. Recommend by Harvard Business School, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt, Business 2.0 and more. Subscribers include marketers representing more than 20% of Fortune 1000 firms.
Visit ( for marketing jobs and marketing career information, including career advice from recruiters, senior marketers and outplacement and HR professionals. View the latest information on average marketing salaries, hiring trends and desirable skills. Marketing Jobs from the Marketing Career Network -- the marketing professions alliance of the most respected marketing organizations in the US including the American Marketing Association, Business Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, Promotion Marketing Association and more. Results

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Results as of March - April 2005

*result no. 7 is for Peter DeLegge's presentation at BtoB NetMarketing seminar at the website.

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The marketing jobs and careers site. Part of the Marketing Career Network, sharing marketing job listings with the American Marketing Association, Business Marketing Association, American Advertising Federation, Promotion Marketing Association and other prominent marketing organizations. Register at today, it's free. 

Download the resume of b2b marketing professional, Peter DeLegge Achievements at a Glance
Results the CEO and CFO Can Appreciate

- Created & implemented best practice enterprise marketing programs at a  Fortune 500 producing some of the best results ever reported for a B2B while reducing the budget by more than $500k annually
- Leveraged existing ads, website and company communications to promote email newsletters and web seminars at a lower cost per pre-qualified leads than through any alternative channel
- Identified new market and successfully introduced more than 20 new products with average margins more than 3X the company's average
- Redesigned a Fortune 200 marketing campaign, more than doubling the response rate
- Increased the quantity of Internet generated leads for a Fortune 500 firm by more than ten times for less than $2,000
- Created a client satisfaction survey produced in-house for under $1,000 that resulted in a $2 million sale and identified numerous untapped cross-selling opportunities worth tens of millions of dollars
- Gained a 4-page feature article in target market's leading trade publication to coincide with the launch of three new industrial products to a new market, resulting in a record number of sales inquiries

Marketing Thought Leadership
- DeLegge's newsletter,  website and blog, featuring his writing on marketing was one of the first marketing webzines. It has been recommended by Harvard B-School, NU's Medill School, Vanderbilt's Graduate School and others. Subscribers include marketers from more than 20% of the Fortune 1000. Click here to see a partial list of subscribers.

- IQPC's "Measuring and Ensuring Return on Your Marketing Investment" (Keynote)
- Crain's BtoB 2004 Seminar in Chicago
- Technology Executive Club
- Association for Multimedia Communicators
- AdTech 2004 Feast for Smart Marketers (co-host)

Companies That Have Relied on Peter DeLegge
Aon Corporation, Borg General Controls, Conam, Hydrosol, Gold Eagle, NEC Technologies, Marketing Bridge, Wired Matrix (now West Monroe Partners), LaMarche Manufacturing...

American Marketing Association Member
American Marketing Association

Business Marketing Association Member
Business Marketing Association

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Council Member
CMO Council